The benefits of turmeric are many and multiple, it is a therapeutic herbs that have been used since ancient times in the treatment of many diseases and health problems, also used in dyeing fabrics, turmeric belongs to the family of ginger, and spread in China, Pakistan, Thailand, and Central European countries, India is The product and its largest source, is used fresh in Asia, dried and ground in the rest of the world, and the benefits of turmeric are endless because it contains many important nutrients, also provides the body with useful compounds and is also used for slimming and for pure skin and fresh, there are several types of Karak M, and has several names, including: Alkrkb, and Kharkom, and culpability, and the calligrapher, and Alhrd, and saffron Indian, Colonel India, and veins of dyers. Turmeric contains curcumin compounds, namely: Bicid limethoxy curcumin, and dimethocurcumin curcumin, as well as volatile oils such as: Atlanton, Zanzibarin, Thermiron, resins, proteins, and sugars. In addition to useful recipes using turmeric for slimming and burning fat and get the perfect skin, and for more useful information you can visit the section: Weight Loss and Health.

The Health and Nutritional Benefits of Turmeric and Turmeric recipes for slimming and skin

General benefits of Turmeric

  • It prevents the body's various cells from being damaged and thus reduces the likelihood of having many types of cancers, especially those affecting the colon and prostate
  • Contains a variety of substances with antioxidant properties specifically harmful, including curcumin activator which gives it yellow color.
  • It facilitates digestion through resistance to harmful microbes that are found in the intestines, most notably parasites, and helps to get rid of many of the problems that affect the digestive system such as stomach ulcer and duodenum, and also addresses skin problems such as eczema and respiratory diseases such as asthma.
  • Reduces the amount of fat and fat accumulated in the body, thus stimulating blood circulation, increasing its flow, and helping to purify the blood.
  • Contains a range of substances with antimicrobial and bactericidal properties as well as infections.
  • Reduces the pain felt by the inflammatory in the joints such as rheumatism, because it contains chromin and vitamin E, and this can be achieved by mixing it with a quantity of hot milk and eating the mixture more than once a day. J
  • Reduce the level of cholesterol in the body, thus fighting atherosclerosis.
  • Protects the hepatocytes and their yellow matter from the effects of the pill.
  • Helps heal wounds quickly, and can treat many cases of anemia or anemia.
  • Regulates body temperature and reduces fever.
  • It stimulates the body as a whole, and supports the immune system as well as abilities and mental activity.
  • It treats many digestive disorders such as worm diarrhea, especially parasitic.
  • Relieves cough and various symptoms that accompany colds.

Methods of Preparing Turmeric for Slimming

Turmeric and lemon
  • Prepare three cups of water, a tablespoon of fresh turmeric ground, as well as fresh ginger, a lemon cut into thin round slices. Boil the water, then add the ingredients to the boiling water, and set aside to soak well. Drink three times a day after each meal, and continue for 30 days.
Turmeric and ginger
  • Mix equal amounts of grated ginger and ground turmeric to the right amount of water. Continue stirring until the color is uniform and uniform, then set to boil. Place the mixture in a clean bowl that can be sealed well, then store in the refrigerator. Drink a glass of this cold drink, before each meal, as well as on an empty stomach and before bed.

Turmeric Benefits to The Skin

  • Turmeric works on the treatment of acne, as it is antiseptic and antibacterial, by mixing turmeric with a little lemon juice and wipe the skin and acne, and left for a period of about a quarter of an hour, and then wash the face with lukewarm water, and is treated here scars Acne, eliminates microbes and inflammatory constituents of acne and reduces the fatty secretions of acne.
  • Eliminates excess fatty secretions in the skin, by mixing egg whites, two drops of lemon juice, rose water, and two drops of olive oil, with a spoonful of turmeric, mixing well together and put them in the form of a mask on the face and neck, and leave to dry completely, then rinse With warm water.
  • Fights fine-grained, wrinkled skin and face, by mixing two tablespoons of turmeric powder, two tablespoons of rice powder, with a cup of liquid milk, a spoon of tomato juice, a spoon of olive oil, put it on the face and neck for half an hour, then wash the catcher With lukewarm water.
  • It heals burns, and helps to hide their effect, through a mixture of turmeric, jelly taken from aloe vera, and placed on the areas of burns, Jith cool the burn and disinfect it from microbes.
  • It works to exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells, by mixing flour flour, turmeric powder, with a little water, and put it on the body, then we rub the body where to put the mixture gently before the bath so as to get rid of dead cells found in the skin and skin and get a pure skin and vitality Glowing and bright white.