Oranges are fruits that belong to citrus, and contain vitamin C to a large extent, which makes it a suitable treatment for colds and colds, has been called oranges by this name because novels have told us that his native was Portugal, hence the name came orange, has spread all over the world And the appropriate approach to cultivate is the warm approach, where is a tropical fruit, of the most important elements contained in oranges and beneficial to the human body are: vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, iron, fructose. It is also a source of copper, sulfur, sodium, magnesium, manganese, fiber, potassium, zinc, and the benefits of oranges are many and varied and we are pleased to convey to you now in this topic The benefits of Orange for Diet, skin, pregnant women and children and the benefits of orange juice for the body, all this and more you will find From: Weight Loss .

The benefits of Orange for Diet, skin, pregnant women and children and the benefits of orange juice for the body

The Most Important Benefits of Orange

  • Orange helps to prevent cancer, because it contains effective compounds that protect the body from exposure to many cancerous tumors, most notably lemonin compound, which protects the body from cancer of the mouth and lung, breast in addition to the skin and colon, also contains large amounts of vitamin C, which acts as a substance Anti-oxidant processes that stimulate the growth of free radical cells.
  • Orange works to lower cholesterol in the blood, which contains Hesperidin and pectin, which help to reduce the rate of LDL cholesterol in the body, and it is worth mentioning that the compound Hesperidin, is found higher in the crusts and not in the fruit itself, so as to reduce the body's ability to absorb fat, and thus regulate Rates of cholesterol.
  • Lowering high blood pressure: Hesperidin in orange contains flavonoids and magnesium, which reduce high blood pressure.
  • Eating one fruit of oranges a day is very useful for the heart and blood vessels, as it contains a high percentage of folic acid and pet, which works to stimulate the heart and blood vessels to do its work
  • Healthy brain development: Because it contains high amounts of folic acid, which is necessary for the development of the brain properly.
  • Strengthen the immune system: Because it contains large amounts of vitamin C, which in turn stimulates the production of white blood cells, and thus supports the immune system, and protects the body from many diseases.
  • Treatment of arthritis: It contains a group of substances with anti-inflammatory properties, which help alleviate joint pain and various muscular stiffness, according to a study conducted in the International Research Unit that reported that one cup of fresh orange juice every day, Reduces the risk of inflammatory disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Orange Juice Benefits

  • There is a study published in a US magazine that confirmed that drinking two cups of orange juice daily helps increase the concentration of vitamin C in the body by 40 to 64 percent.
  • Orange juice contains antioxidants that protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals, and molecules that can cause tissue damage.
  • Drinking orange juice, along with its good carbohydrate content, prevents inflammation from forming within the body, making it good for prevention against the development of insulin resistance as well as from atherosclerosis.
  • Orange juice contains citrate and therefore has the ability to prevent kidney disorders as well as from the formation of kidney stones.
  • Orange pulp and peel can be used in many skin care recipes or in some cooking recipes, especially desserts.
  • The orange juice content of vitamin C and antioxidants helps reduce skin aging, form wrinkles and increase its freshness.

The Benefits of Oranges for Diet

  • Eating oranges helps the body maintain optimal weight because oranges are low in sugars, fats and calories, and are therefore used in healthy diets.
  • Helps prevent obesity-related diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, because it contains vitamin C and antioxidant compounds.
  • Rid the body of toxins. Burning fat and LDL cholesterol from the blood. Relieve bloating and gases in the intestines.
  • Contains vitamin C which helps in increasing absorption of iron element from food.

The benefits of orange peel for the skin

  • Orange peel can be used as a mask for the face and skin because it helps to cleanse the skin and clean and open the pores of the skin, and helps to get rid of black areas because of the presence of citric acid, which unifies the skin color and treats the effects of acne.