The benefits of lemons are many and multiple to the body in general and to the skin and hair, and lemons of acidic fruit, which is characterized by a pungent taste is very acidic, and native to Asian regions, has been popular use of lemons since ancient times, it contains a set of nutrients necessary for the human body, which is involved in many purposes And uses, both in the preparation of dishes and food for the main meals eaten on a daily basis, and in the manufacture of appetizers and pickles, as well as in the manufacture of delicious sweets, or in the treatment of many diseases and infections that affect the human, by the composition In addition to the benefits of lemon in the cosmetic fields of skin care and get a healthy and pure skin free of impurities, lemon contains many essential elements and vitamins that make it a cure for an unlimited number of diseases and health problems, as well as make it a nutrient It is important to maintain the strength of the body organs in general.

The Benefits of Lemon for the Body and Skin and its Nutritional composition and harm to excessive intake

The Benefits of Lemon

  • Lemon is a fast and effective treatment for various digestive problems, because it helps to reduce digestion and bloating problems and the accumulation of gases and toxins, because it is rich in acids, especially malic acid, and helps to regulate the process of excreting waste products from the body, and stimulates the work of the liver to secrete the yellow material that helps it.
  • Lemon is used to treat various skin and skin problems in general, because it is rich in various types of vitamins, especially vitamin C, which works to increase the secretion of collagen, a protein useful for the skin and skin is secreted naturally in the body, avoids the skin problems of premature aging and signs of aging skin, because it is considered Stronger antioxidants known, and maintains the natural skin color and works to get rid of dark circles, melasma and spots and also reduce the secretion of sebaceous glands of fats that cause the appearance of pills.
  • Lemon is an effective treatment for hair problems.
  • Helps lose weight and burn fat if taken in the morning with water on an empty stomach, it is useful for those who want to lose weight quickly.
  • Lemon is effective for blood purification and sterilization.

Lemon damage

Lemon intake is often safe, even if taken in high therapeutic doses, but produces some side effects when consumed in large quantities, and therefore should not exceed the usual intake by them, in addition to the use of external lemon on the skin increases the chance of burns When exposed to the sun, it is also safe for pregnant women.

Lemon benefits for the skin

  • To moisturize dry skin you can mix equal amounts of lemon juice, honey and olive oil, and apply this mixture on the dry areas of the skin, leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it with water.
  • To reduce the secretion of oily skin you can mix equal amounts of lemon juice with distilled water, apply more on the skin for 30 minutes and then wash it with water thoroughly.
  • To lighten the skin color, mix a quantity of water and lemon juice and spray as a spray on the skin, taking into account not to touch the eye, and then rub the skin lemon peel to clean the skin and help to lighten.
  • Treats acne.
  • Sterilizes and disinfects the skin.
  • Relieves scars in the skin.